Productivity During a Global Pandemic


remote working

As we’re all aware, 2020 has been nothing short of challenging for most (if not all) small business owners. One of the most obvious challenges businesses had to overcome was transitioning to a remote workforce. Although there are many companies that normally operate remotely, having to suddenly make this shift without preparation was no small feat.

“Small businesses aren’t run like mega corporations, and so require different strategies for success.”

At Corporate Capital Solutions, we are always looking to simplify processes and optimize our team’s performance, whether that be in the office or working from home. No matter where we are, it is always our top priority to be efficient, both for our client’s and for the well-being of our company!

We wanted to take a second to share some tips that we found extremely useful when it comes to working remotely.

  • Prioritize the Most Important Tasks
  • Leverage Your Flexibility
  • Ask Others How You Can Help
  • Account for Everyone’s Time
  • Hire An Assistant
  • Take the “Personal Touch” Seriously
  • Hire Humble/Adaptable Personnel
  • Leverage Productivity Technology
  • Automate as Many Tasks as Possible
  • Hold Daily Standups with Your Team
  • Ensure You Have the Tools Needed to Succeed
  • Eliminate as Many Time Wasters as You Can
  • Create a Streamlined Set of Processes
  • Have a Clear Line of Communication
  • Work on One Non-Urgent Task Each Day

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